The iPhone 5S


One of the leading Smartphone manufacturers, Apple, is indeed hell bent on dominating the Smartphone market. One would expect them to at least hold off on manufacturing a new phone so soon after their last release. Well, it seems that is not part of their ethos. Only 6 months after iPhone 5 was released, fresh […]

Happy 5th birthday, iPhone!

Apple's iPhone 4S

The Apple iPhone turns five years old. Since it was launched on 29 June 2007, Apple’s vastly popular smartphone has turned the telecoms industry upside down – not to mention the worlds of gaming and software development. To celebrate the iPhone’s birthday, we asked readers for their favourite memories of the celebrated device: the first […]

It’s Easy Going Green


Even if you’re not able or ready to fully adopt an environmentally-friendly lifestyle, there are a number of ways to contribute to the well-being of the planet and environment. Anything from unplugging appliances and cell phone chargers to riding the bus instead of driving to work are excellent places to start. Hopefully you employ some […]

Apple’s iPhone 5 plan rocks global e-supply chain

iphone 4s

Article By Jonny Evans – Apple [AAPL] is shaking up the world’s electronics supply chain, making huge investments in plant and infrastructure as it prepares for Fall’s iPhone 5. Apple is the supply chain Financial reports from high-tech companies don’t make the world’s greatest reading at the moment. In the post-PC era things are changing, […]

iPhone 5 growing up, but not out, this fall

iphone-5 concept

We don’t often over Apple rumors these days; there are just so many of them, most of which turn out to be completely wrong. But this week we seem to be seeing some kind of consensus on at least one aspect of the next iPhone: a bigger screen.

Apple: Cowen, Piper See iPhone 5 Gaining Favorable Chip Treatment

iOS 6 launch

A couple of upbeat Street notes out today regarding the prospect of Apple’s (AAPL) next iPhone, though they disagree somewhat on the timing. Cowen & Co.’s Matthew Hoffman raised his fiscal 2013 (sending in September of 2013) estimate for the device’s sales, and Piper Jaffray’s Gene Munster wrote that Apple is likely to get privileged treatment […]